Stem Cell Treatment 

Stem cell therapy at Impact Medical is typically a three-step process:
New Patient Appointment
Stem Cell Injection
Follow Up Appointments

New Patient Appointment:

Your new patient stem cell treatment appointment will take up to 70 minutes and will begin by documenting your medical history.

We will ask you to fill out paperwork upon your arrival to learn more about the areas of concern you wish to address through stem cell therapy, how the pain affects your daily activity, and your goals for treatment.

Your practitioner will then talk with you more about the pain you are experiencing, screen for any issues that may exclude you as a candidate for stem cell therapy, complete a physical exam, and take x-rays of the areas of concern.

Based on this information, your practitioner will determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy and provide a recommendation for stem cell treatment.

Most patients will schedule their stem cell therapy appointment for the Thursday following their new patient appointment (i.e., within 2-3 days).

Patients must stop or significantly reduce the use of NSAIDs, blood thinners, and some other types of medication for five days prior to treatment. For this reason, some patients may need to schedule their stem cell therapy appointment for the following week.  

Note:  Stem cells are extremely fragile and, when ordered, are designated for specific patients. For this reason, payment for treatment must be received prior to injection. Stem cell therapy is not currently covered by insurance.  Impact Medical offers deferred interest financing for qualified patients.

Stem Cell Therapy Injection Day:

All injections are administered on Thursday of each week.

In most cases, stem cell therapy appointments will take 30 minutes.  In some cases, the appointment may take 60 minutes. Your practitioner will tell you how long your treatment is expected to take during your new patient appointment.

Most treatments are administered at the site of the pain using ultrasound-guided injection. The needle used for the injection is smaller than those used for other purposes such as vaccines. In some cases, the treatment may be administered through IV.

After the injection, you will be asked to rest in our office for 15 minutes to allow your body to absorb the fluid that has been injected. After this 15-minute rest, you will be examined by the practitioner to ensure that the injection site is healthy, and you are not feeling any unusual discomfort.

Most patients will feel discomfort at the injection site that dissipates shortly after treatment.  Some patients may feel slight stiffness at the injection site after treatment caused by the additional fluid in the joint space.

Patients can drive, work, and return to daily activities immediately following treatment, in most cases.  We encourage patients to rest the treated joints as much as possible in the days following treatment and to begin building up more vigorous activity over the following months.

As noted above, stem cells are fragile and are designated for specific patients.  For this reason, stem cell therapy appointments cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

Follow Up Appointments:

Your 6-week and 3-month follow up appointments are included in the cost of treatment and will be scheduled at the end of your treatment appointments.

During your 6-week progress exam, your practitioner will examine your range of motion and document any improvements in pain and function.

During your 3-month progress exam, your practitioner will take x-rays of the treated areas and review the before and after images with you.

Please note:  Stem cells replicate every 28 hours for up to 60 cycles. For this reason, some patients may continue to experience improved results for up to six months following treatment.  

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