Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men

Hormonal imbalance can occur at any point in a man's life. It can also be the only state of existence one has ever known. Male hormone imbalance can be brought on by stress, an acute injury or illness, poor nutrition, inadequate exercise and a host of other factors. These glands make up the endocrine system, and they are involved in an intricate balance amongst themselves. Within one gland at one juncture can set things awry throughout the male body with symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. Low testosterone can also set things awry within your body. Just because you have been told your hormones are normal, that does not mean they are optimized.

What are the Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Men?

The most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men are often disregarded until they impact quality of life so severely that treatment is aggressively sought out. Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance in men include fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, decreased sexual performance, inability to maintain muscle mass, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more. 

Some other common symptoms include: 

  • Overproduction of estrogen: this can lead to weight gain, development of breasts, sexual dysfunction and more. 
  • Emotional Symptoms: loss of libido, brain fog, irritability, mood swings, chronic exhaustion, depression, anxiety and mood swings. 
  • Low Testosterone Symptoms: loss of body hair, loss of muscle mass/strength, weak bones, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, low semen volume, fatigue, and more. 
  • Thyroid Health: many thyroid disorders can cause fatigue, poor concentration, dry skin, constipation, feeling cold, fluid retention, and muscle aches. 
  • Andropause Symptoms: this is when a man's testosterone levels decrease, however, there are three phases (much like the phases of menopause). The symptoms can include hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression, which obviously reduce quality of life. 
  • Metabolic Syndrome: aside from obesity, one may become afflicted with high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes and are at a greater risk for heart disease. 

What is the Goal of Hormone Optimization Therapy in Men?

The goal of hormone optimization therapy is to provide all our patients with a sense of wellbeing. This could mean a return to the balance they once knew or it could also mean providing a balance never felt by the patient before. In addition to feeling great, hormone optimization may be able to help reduce the risk of certain diseases as well as the severity of certain afflictions.