Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What are bio-identical hormones?

They are derived from a natural plant source and professionally compounded to be biologically identical to human form of estradiol and testosterone. The body is given what it can no longer produce.

What can I expect bio-identical hormones t o do for me?

The quality of life given back to every man or woman is second to none. – Increased energy levels -Restore or increase sexual drive -Consistency in moods – no more roller coaster effect -Relief from anxiety and depression -Decreased body fat -Increased mental clarity and focus -Greater capacity for getting the body in shape.

How often will I need treatment?

It depends on the person, but anywhere from 4-6 months.

What are Pellet Therapy Si de Effects?

Unlike other forms of hormone therapy, there are few side effects. Two percent of patients experience mild acne or facial hair, and less than 1% experience hair thinning. All of these mild side effects are easily treatable.

BioTE® Medical’s hormone pellet therapy side effects are minimal when compared to other hormone delivery methods. That’s because BHRT pellet therapy delivers consistent amounts of hormones 24 hours a day, for 4 to 6 months.

I get horrible headaches, will this help me?

Yes! Bio-identical therapy has had great success with hormone-related headaches.

If I am a woman, do I still need estrogen?

Bio-identical absorbable estrogen is the most important hormone for a woman to protect her against heart attack, stroke, as well as osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Synthetic estrogen taken orally does not offer the universal benefits.

I have no libido, what will this do for that if anything?

Good hormone balance will greatly improve your sex drive.

Will I grow unwanted hair from the testosterone?

There is less chance of hair growth with bio-identical hormones.

Do I need other medications?

Unless the uterus has been removed, women will also need progesterone, to protect the uterine lining.

What’s the Difference Between Bio-identical Hormone Pellets and Creams?

There are a number of ways that hormone pellet therapy differs from bio-identical creams. BHRT pellet therapy is injected subcutaneously, resting beneath the skin. This injection eliminates the “roller coaster” effect that often accompanies BHRT creams.

What Does Pellet Therapy Cost?

The cost of hormone pellet therapy differs based on your individual treatment plan and needs. Generally, the BHRT pellet therapy cost is competitive with other hormone therapy delivery methods.


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